Thursday, 2 May 2013

Difference Between Classpath and Path

Difference Between Classpath and Path

         To make .bat,.exe,.cmd and other executable files of running from any folder of computer add there real address location to path environment variable.

Using .bat file we can combine related commands into single unit.
Path can be use in both java and non-java environment.

Follow following steps to set path to PATH environment

My computer------>properties------->advanced tab------>Environment variables------->System variable--------->Edit-------->Variable name   give variable name as PATH------>Variable value  give address path of program------>give . after address location of program-------->ok------>ok------>ok  

Class path:
                If Java application uses User define api,third party api's or jar file locations must be added to class path environment variable to make java tools like javac,java recognizing and re-using the user-define,third party api's.

class path is purely specific in java environment and cannot be used non-java environment. 

Follow following steps to set path to CLASSPATH environment

My computer------>properties------->advanced tab------>Environment variables------->User variable------>Edit----->Variable name give TEMP as a Variable name----->Variable value give address location of program-------->give . after address location of program---->ok------>ok----->ok


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